New Homepage

June 24, 2015

My new homepage was posted yesterday. The key reason to post a new homepage is to have Posts section in it. Another reason is that the theme in previous homepage is too dark. Hence I spent two days to code this new homepage and added the post feature to it.

Jack Poulson is the first one suggested me to write post daily or weekly to improve my writing skill and he also recommended me Jekyll which is supper useful for blog-style web designing. It was a long time ago, I downloaded this template called Left, where the post section is naturely embeded. Finally, until this week, I moved my previous homepage to this template and started posting. As metioned earlier, the main purpose of my posting is to improve my academic writing skill. At the same time, I will share my understandings of papers, algorithms, or theorems. The frequency of posts is not guaranteed. But I will try my best to post at least one each week.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my posts. Clicking the red figure below or the email link, an auto prepared email would pop out. You are welcome to send me any discussion and suggestion. Our email might be posted below the related post with your permission.


Yingzhou Li


I'm a faculty at Fudan University. Follow me on Github and Bitbucket. Hopefully, you will find my code useful. You are also welcome to either email me or post comments below to discuss on these posts.