ICME Related Seminar Calendar

October 6, 2015

Yesterday, I got the ICME weekly seminar digest from ICME office and found it helpful to have all the speakers, titles and abstracts listed in a single email. However, the date and time listed in the email are not very convenient to follow. Verifying the seminar time slot in your own calendar costs a lot of energy.

Since then, I created my own seminar calendar for many ICME related seminars, i.e., ICME Departmental Seminar, ICME First Year Seminar, Linear Algebra and Optimization Seminar, Applied Math Seminar, Probability Seminar and Statistics Department Seminar. And there is no reason to keep it private. Hence, I published the calendar and embedded it into my homepage in a Seminar Calendar page. Currently, the speaker, title and abstract are listed in description as well.

In the future, I will keep on adding more related seminar calendar and more ICME academic events.

The new seminar calendar for Winter 2016 is available online.


Yingzhou Li


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